Retreat Topics

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Weekend Retreats

Wilderness Encounters: Finding God Among Us
Exodus 17:7-15
Session One: Loss of Perspective
When we are in the wilderness it's easy to lose our perspective. The Israelites have been delivered from slavery and saw amazing things as God led them. Yet, they are missing Egypt.
Can include discussion questions for breakout sessions

Session Two: Finding Support
Discouragement, weakness and grumbling leave us vulnerable to attack. The Israelites fight their enemy and discover God is there in their midst.
Can include discussion questions for breakout sessions

Session Three: Corrective Perspective (Gaining Vision)
In our walk with God, we encounter times in the wilderness but keeping our perspective, remembering his faithfulness and keeping our eyes on who God is will equip us no matter what we face.

Renew and Revive: Free to Believe and Become
Three or Four Sessions
Session One - Hebrews 12:1
What hinders you from running the race? We have a backpack full of weight to throw off so we can be free to run.

Session Two and Three - Meet two women who are set free from their heavy burden when they encounter Jesus.

Session Four - Step into the role God has designed for you and see yourself as He sees you. No longer hindered, but freed to serve Him with your whole heart.

"Jeanne Doyon was kind, down to earth and just what I needed." - Monadnock Rejuvenate Women's Retreat Spring 2014

Don't Let Fear Win! 
Two 30 minute sessions with discussion groups
In this interactive workshop, meet four women in scripture and discover how to overcome fear and worry in our circumstances.

Single Session Topics

How to Avoid Burnout in Ministry (and life)
One Hour Workshop (Expandable to Multiple Sessions)
Discover tools to help define your YES, and give you permission to say NO, so you can choose God’s BEST. You can avoid burnout before it hinders your effectiveness in life and your ministry.
Multiple sessions explore the topics of spiritual gifting, passion, developing a mission statement, and creating a vision board. 
Gems from Garbage
 45-60 Minutes 
Life is filled with everyday annoyances. They cloud our view and steal our joy. We will focus on Philippians 4:6-9 and search for gems in our journey even when all we can see is overflowing garbage.
Service to a Tea 
30 minutes 
The Master Potter makes useful and beautiful vessels of His design - each with a purpose to touch lives of His kingdom. Discover how each piece in a tea service encourages us to serve others.
Christmas Programs
30 - 40 minutes
Re-gifting: Loving Your Neighbor Jesus-Style 
Discover how we can re-gift what we have received to others.
Glimpses of Glory 
The whole world awaited the coming Messiah. Be encouraged with fresh anticipation of His glorious return. The Christmas story provides hope for the second coming of the King of Kings.
What Will You Bring? 
Three wise men brought gifts filled with symbolism to the newborn Messiah. What can you bring to the One who sacrificed everything for you?
Workshops for Writers
Hands-On Blogging (Introduction) - Two 4-hour sessions
This workshop will help to demystify and help you to envision, design, publish and update your own blog.

Blogging II - Two 4-hour sessions
Expand knowledge and increase efficiency with the Blogger Dashboard, introducing gadgets, uploading files, linking posts, sharing on social media, SEO, keywords, scheduling posts and more.


Creating a Great First Impression

First impressions are critical. In this workshop you will write your bio, create a one sheet, design your email signature, and business card so you can put your best foot forward for your business.